Premium Beef Sales

"Pasture fed, Tablelands born and bred" - butchered  locally, to be consumed locally.
Normally sold as sides and quarters.
  • Pasture fed – only prime Senepol, Senepol cross and Droughtmaster cattle – a grassfed beef experience
  •  HGP (Hormone Growth Promotant) free
  •  Antibiotic free
  • Tenderstretched and aged
  • Minimising food kilometres and saving on carbon emissions
  • We pride ourselves in the management of our product from the paddock to your plate
  • Can cryovac individual whole cuts like rump, cube-roll etc.
With Australia’s third largest tourism destination of Cairns and Far North on our doorstep, Pinnacle Pocket Cattle is motivated and behind a push for the establishment of a regionalised northern wet tropics beef brand. A forum was held in Malanda, organised by AgForce, which Peter Spies is member on steering committee, on 27 September 2012. Pinnacle Pocket cattle displayed Senepol and senepol cross droughtmaster cattle. The forum drew an audience of over 100 producers from across the Far North. A panel of expert speakers was assembled to outline some of the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities that might emerge, should a localised brand project gain momentum. Some of the common themes to emerge revolved around:
  • the need for year-round consistency of supply and how to achieve it – considered to be an absolute fundamental in brand programs
  • matching local genetics and production systems to optimum MSA performance, while managing for the environment
  • the challenges surrounding organising group-based livestock supply into a brand program
  • the perceived advantages/disadvantages in linking with marketing terms like ‘grassfed’, ‘natural’ and region of origin, and the absolute need for brand integrity
Pinnacle Pocket is currently privately killing Senepol cross heifers & steers that dress between 240 and 310 kilo by 24 months off grass alone, supplemented with molasses and no HGPs. They are sold as sides and mixed quarters. Peter talks with the ABC Rural reporter on Radio National in last 1/4 of podcast... more



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Breeding fertile, tropically adapted, well muscled cattle that produce tender beef