Senepol stud sires

Pinnacle Pocket Senepols run a quality, performance recorded herd of 80 select purebred and crossbred Senepol females and 20 Droughtmasters sourced from the best available quality genetics in Australia. We use only purebred, registered, performance-recorded Senepol bulls, with early maturity, large scrotal size that are highly virile and have high motility and morphology.


Five Star 210022 “Valentine” (DOB 22/9/20).

Valentine was purchased at the 2022 Five Star Senepol sale. Top 5% for weaning weight EBV (+22), Top 20% for 600 day growth (+28) and Top 24% for rebreed. A 38cm scrotal as a 24 month old with 85% motility and 93% morphology. He was 664 kg prior to purchase, with an EMA of 115, P8 of 9, Rib of 7 and IMF of 5.7%. He is homozygous polled, ticked all boxes with top end delivery of all production traits. He will kick a few goals!


Five Star 180952 "Buster III" (DOB 29/10/17)

5ST180952 was purchased on his Dam's strength of fertility. Sired by Five Star 5ST130839 out of Five Star 110035. A well-fleshed young sire with thickness and capacity but shows the ability to get cover and finish to ensure maximum MSA grading. This guy had yearling scrotal of 34cm, as a yearling weighing 389Kg, and 39cm at time of purchase at almost 23 months. His EMA was 117 at 22 months with P8 of 11, Rib of 8 and IMF of 5.4%. Plenty of length and eye appeal.

5 Star Tarzan

5 Star Tarzan has been our mainstay bull for a number of years. He is a sire with incredible libido and has been a phenomenal calf-getter. One year he achieved 103 pregnancies from 106 cows he covered. His morphology was 94% at time of purchase.  Tarzan is a bull with incredible length and throws sleek-coated calves. He was sired by 5 Star Titan, Grand Champion Senepol bull at Brisbane RNA 2006, out of the 2007 RNA Champion cow Hazledean Benchmark Estelle.
Tarzan won Senior Champion bull at Cairns, Malanda, Atherton and Tully shows in 2011 and Grand Champion Bos Taurus bull at the Cairns show in 2010 and 2011. We have retained many of his daughters in herd.


"We bought Pinnacle Pocket Charlie as a young 1 year old bull. The idea was to put him with our Beefalo cows (a cross breed between American bison and cattle) to improve their tick resistance, increase the red component in the herd and get more polled progeny (because of the bison genetics, Beefalo carry the horned gene). Charlie didn't disappoint:
  • At three years of age he has many calves on the ground and they are all polled!
  • He is still growing, weighing close to 700 kg in the paddock (no feed) with 19 cows to look after.
  • Proserpine is a high rainfall, tropical area, but Charlie's skin is flawless with hardly any ticks at all.
  • He is quiet and very easy to handle. 
Charlie will improve our Beefalo herd and make them more suited for the humid tropical climate".
Christina Della Valle, Whitsunday Beefalo

Breeding fertile, tropically adapted, well muscled cattle that produce tender beef