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Senepols pass tender test

Tropical Champions: Pinnacle Pocket Cattle, Tablelands


Peter and Katrina Spies from Pinnacle Pocket Cattle have bought tropically adapted Senepol cattle genetics to the North.  Pinnacle Pocket breed fertile Senepol and Senepol cross Doughtmaster bulls well adapted to the conditions of tropical Australia.  The Senepol breed, a pure Bos taurusbreed with superior heat tolerance, is of medium frame, avoids extremes of muscle and bone and strikes a workable balance of feed efficiency to growth, fertility and calving ease.

Pinnacle Pocket stud has won some of the highest awards on the Far Northern Queensland show circuit over the past three years, including Supreme Champion Beef exhibit Cairns show 2010 and Grand Champion bull at the Atherton and Malanda Shows in 2011. Their Senepol genetics are being used from Cooktown to Rockhampton and as far west as Julia Creek. more...

5 Star Senepols hit $12K

Vendors, Geoff and Alison Maynard and family, 5 Star Senepol Stud, Jambin have witnessed a slight decrease in male values when compared to the previous years result but were heartened by the amount of return clientele and strong clearance level.

Top seller was the 24-month-old, 5 Star 120135 at $12,000. A son of the ever consistent, 5 Star Longfellow (Thunder US) the sale topper delivered scans of 10/7mm and an EMA of 120 and an IMF reading of 4.3. He sold with another entry to average $10,250 to Hazeldean Riverina, Hay, NSW - owners, Jim and Libby Litchfield. Both new acquisitions will be utilised in the Senegus programme that involves some 350 females on Rosevale, Hay.

Brett and Sharon Becker, Araluen Park, Chinchilla through AuctionPlus secured the RNA and Beef expo champion, 5 Star Mojo (Antigua Kingston) (34-months) (852kg) for $9500 in a three quarter share/full procession arrangement...

Alistair and Jo McClymont, Burleigh Station, Richmond, selected three to average $6833 topping at $8000. 

Tolga seedstock producers, Peter and Katrina Spies, Pinnacle Pocket Senepols accounted for a pair for on average $4500.

Agents: Landmark, Elders and AuctionsPlus

Summary - No. 66 bulls, Av: $4954, Top: $12,000, Clearance: 97pc


5 Star Senepols to $14,500

Queensland Country Life, Farmonline

Senepol bulls sold to $14,500 to average $6124 while purebred females hit $7500 to set a $3950 average at Monday's annual 5 Star Senepol Sale, Gracemere. Across the board bull values jumped by $951 per head while female averages lifted by $1700 per head over the 2011 results. Vendors, Geoff and Alison Maynard and family, 5 Star Senepol Stud, Jambin have witnessed an increase in bull averages of $1944 a head in two years. The 2012 sale resulted in another total clearance where purebred bulls hit $14,500, Senepol hybrids (Senepol/Belmont Red) topped at $12,000; Senegus (Senepol/Angus) and Senelais (Senepol/Charolais) both climbed to tops of $6500. 

Market topper was the 19-month-old, 5 Star 110393. Weighing 572kg with scans of 5/4mm and an EMA of 108 and an IMF reading of 3.3 he sold to Edward and Barclay Bassett, Jenavale, Roma. Sired by AA CO 6SER128 (ET) the bull was part of a trio of purebreds purchased by Jenavale for an average $12,167. more...

Brahman-cross trial's interesting results

North Queensland Register 07 September, 2012

During the past five years, a trial was done comparing Senepol/Brahman-crosses with straight-bred Brahman cattle. The trial threw up many interesting results. The Senepol/Brahman-crosses were more than 10 per cent heavier at weaning (23kg), 10pc heavier at 18 months (32kg), had 12pc more pregnancies for two-year matings, and had achieved 97pc poll or scurred progeny in one generation.

In each year, the average weaning weight of the F1 Senepol-cross first-round weaners was heavier than for the Brahman weaners. At Victoria River Research Station, they were on average more than three years, 23kg heavier, and at Manbulloo the F1 Senepol-crosses were an average of 19kg heavier. The 2012 weaners from Victoria River - 176 Senepol/Brahman-cross weaners - weighed 230kg, and 193 Brahman weaners weighed 200kg, showing a difference of 15pc.

The Senepol F1 heifers that were bred on Victoria River were on average 22.1kg heavier at weaning and then grew another 5.1kg more than their Brahman counterparts over the following dry season. Following the cattle through the wet season, the F1 Senepol cattle grew another 15kg heavier than their Bos Indicus contemporary group. 

As a result, the F1 Senepol-cross heifers were 45kg heavier at 18 to 20 months, 86 Brahman heifers weighed 281kg, and 41 Senepol-cross females weighed 326kg (16pc higher). more...

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