Cattle Sales

Improvements using genetics are permanent and will continue to accumulate as high-performing sires are used. Better bulls will sire superior male and female progeny. By purchasing our bulls we hope you will achieve these things:
  • Produce more calves per bull
  • Progeny that grows faster
  • Produce progeny with desirable carcase traits and meet market specifications
  • Produce future breeders that will produce more valuable offspring
As a seedstock producer, Pinnacle Pocket has a range of products available for clients to select from:
  • Senepol registered purebred bulls
  • Senepol X DM composite bulls
  • Droughtmaster bulls
  • Semen from selected Stud Sires
  • Females either PTIC or unjoined
Pinnacle Pocket will generally have bulls for sale all year round with the bulk of bulls rising two years of age in the August to December period each year. Our cattle, bred for docility and fertility, are a pleasure to work with. Inspections are always welcomed so come and visit our herd for yourself.


"The Senepol breed first caught my attention in 2008 when Peter and Katrina Spies showed their stud cattle on the North Queensland show circuit.  I was immediately taken with the general confirmation of these cattle as well as the slick coat which I think is a great advantage for tick resistance here in the north.  Being strongly polled and early maturing were also great attributes I’d been looking for.

I subsequently bought Pinnacle Pocket Buster in November 2008 to go over my Droughtmaster x Santa Gertrudis Cows, and now have progeny two years old.  The steers have grown exceptionally well and have fattened ready for the butcher at the two-tooth stage.  I’ve been so impressed with these offspring, I have decided to change the composition of my breeding herd by keeping the majority of the half Senepol heifers.  No doubt Pinnacle Pocket Buster has done more to improve my herd than any previous bull I have had.

So convinced am I that Senepols will feature strongly in the future of the northern cattle industry, I recently bought some stud Senepol cows and will continue an association with the Pinnacle Pocket stud as a collaborative breeder".    

Keith Gould, Atherton, Queensland.

Bulls available for Sale


Five Star Presidential semen is available and priced at $22.00 per straw inclusive of GST and further comments on this bull can be viewed on the Senepol stud sire page.
Five Star Tarzan semen is available and priced at $33.00 per straw inclusive of GST. This bull is a stud sire and further comments can be viewed on the Senepol stud sire page

Animal health

Pinnacle Pocket cattle are sold vaccinated with the following:-
  • 2 x vaccinations for 7 in 1
  • 3 day sickness (Bovine Ephemeral Fever)
  • Pestiguard (BVDV)
  • Tick fever (3 germ)
  • 3 year Botulism
We guarantee our fertility and most bulls are sold with a Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation performed by a certified veterinarian.

Breeding fertile, tropically adapted, well muscled cattle that produce tender beef