Speech for Lakeland Vegetation Management Rally 18 June 2016
Potential for Agricultural Development in Far North Queensland.pdf
Strategic Cropping within Proposed SEAs in draft Cape York Regional Plan
The Need to Resource Practical Natural Resource Management - Case Study - Soil Conservation Services
Move Towards Establishment of Tropical Grass Fed Beef Supply Chain & Brand
Tropical Grasslands Nutrient limitations of clay soils for Desmanthus virgatus
Managing for Drought in Grazing Lands_DNRM Factsheet
Tableland Rural Industry Workforce Survey Report

Prickly Acacia national case studies manual_ approaches to the management of prickly acacia Acacia nilotica subsp. indica in Australia.pdf


Papers Undertaken whilst Executive Officer of Tablelands Industry Workforce Group

Tableland Dairy Industry Discussion Paper - So what of the Future of the Southern Tablelands Dairying Pasture Lands?
Tableland Transport Issues
Mareeba Airport Redevelopment
Image and Perceptions of the Tablelands – Positive steps to move forward to become a “Region of Choice” – a Background Paper
What Will the Workforce of the Future Look Like on the Tablelands?
The changing look of shift work: Fly-in, Fly-out Workforces in the Resources sector
Attraction of Professional Workers to Tablelands
Industry Workforce Engagement – is there a better way?
Retention of Workforce - How can rural communities like the Tablelands capture maximum benefit from professional and other highly skilled workers in the context of an increasingly mobile and transitory workforce?
Tablelands Workforce – An overview of the workforce on the Tablelands

Breeding fertile, tropically adapted, well muscled cattle that produce tender beef